Must to have essentials for your next Beach Holiday:

Woo hoo!! Finally the tickets are booked and now pondering what to pack for a beach holiday. Well, it’s easier said than done! Chances are you might miss out on few things here and there….

The stuffs you pack in your bag would vary a lot depending upon the type of destination- plain, hills or beaches.

In this blog, I would guide you with all the essentials to help you pack quickly for a beach holiday. So just keep calm & be beach ready:

    • Beach bag – It’s a must to have item in your beach checklist and the most helpful one specially if you plan to get muddy and drenched and to throw all the required items while heading to the beach so that you don’t have to run to your hotel/vehicle with serious interruptions to ‘fun on the beach’.
    • Water resistant Sunblock (broad spectrum with SPF 30 or higher) – For both men/ women fair skinned/dark skinned alike, you can’t say ‘no’ to sunblock. Reapply every few hours. I am sure that you don’t want to come back home with sunburns.
    • Towel – Carry a special beach towel to dry off after swim or to just lay down in the sand. Avoid carrying normal towels as they are difficult to dry and might even stink when put into your Bag/vehicle.
    • Caps / Beach hat – More than a style statement, it can protect you from too much of sun and blindness. Having a cool one can add some glamour to your Instagram profile.
    • Your favorite pair of Sunglasses – A beach holiday means lots of sun and lots of heat for free. Eyes are one of the most sensitive part of your body and you must protect them using sunglasses. Try using sunglasses with polarized and UV filter lenses. It’s not just for fashion statement but for eye comfort as well.

  • 2 Swim suits or swim trunks – Sand and salty water on beaches can pose problems such as itching and stickiness when drenched. Carrying an additional pair of your beach wear would ensure extra dry one on hand and can be helpful specially if you want to lay down on a beach shack for hours or simply roam around without any discomfort.
  • Basic make up items like Kajal, lip balm – For an Instagram person who keeps on posing for lots of pictures/selfies, I am sure that you want to look good in your pictures. Carrying these items would give you a ‘perfect click’ and a chance to ‘woo’ others if you are a single ready to mingle.
  • Stylish & Comfortable Flip flops/ Slip ons – Avoid wearing shoes to beaches irrespective of whether you want to get drenched or stay dry. Flip flops and Slip ons are comfortable, more adaptable to water and sand and goes well with your beach wear offering a cool/hot look. They can carry you from beach to hotel pool and everywhere in between.
  • Light weight beach cover up – Protects you from harsh sun rays and adds to the glam quotient. Many places might not allow you to just roam around in swimsuits. Women can opt for dress/ Sarong/ Scarf whereas Men can go for a classic white shirt / t-shirt.
Photo credit: Urmi Das
  • Insect repellent: You don’t have to let mosquitoes / insects ruin your fun.
  • Portable waterproof speakers/Headsets – Beaches can be more fun with music. Carry songs/Music Apps in your mobile phone and so that you don’t miss out the music as per your mood during the holiday.
  • Camera, charger, power bank & extra batteries, Selfie / camera stick – Capture the moments for life time memories and of course few for your Instagram. You certainly don’t want to run out of battery or settle for a low-quality snap or video.
  • Clothing: Undergarments, Stylish tops & shorts, Chick dresses, Sleepwear – Prefer the ones that can keep you cool in hot weather
  • Toiletries kit (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Razor, Shampoo / conditioner, Soap, Comb, Deodorant, Face wash, Face & Body lotions (More important when you have a sensitive skin) – Go for travel packs to save space and headache of searching them everywhere in the bag or hotel.
  • First aid kit – Not every beach is perfect. You might find insects, crabs etc. and more fun might mean that you would err into stupid injuries or unwanted infection for being ‘carefree’. Carrying medicines, Eye care solution, contact lens, case & solution won’t consume too much of space in your bag.
  • Antibacterial wet wipes & Aloe vera gel might be helpful to fix oil on your skin and provide a fresh look before a photo click.
  • Zip lock bags – Water and sand can creep into your belongings from anywhere. It’s perfect for wet and sandy clothes and keep a separation between the dry and wet items.
  • Sanitary napkins, tampons – Will help in avoiding any embarrassing mess just in case your Aunt flo shows up. You really don’t have to curse yourself for being a girl and looking at the fun the boys are having.
  • Swim diapers – This is for all the moms and dads. You really don’t want to have nightmare during a broad day light. in case if you have small kids and you’re accompanying them to beaches.

Apart from the above list items, don’t forget to carry your currency, bank cards & travel documents (Passports, Bookings, Insurance copy). I would advise you to email a scanned copy of each document to yourself well.

I don’t prefer to carry snacks, water or beach umbrella as these are easily available. However, you may carry if you are on your way to some unexplored beaches.


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